Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cherokee Nation

So Im in an entrepreneur class this summer and it's pretty much a sausage fest but that's besides the point.
We have to do this thing called the 100 dollar challenge.
You raise $100 and have to make $200 to make back what you spent plus the extra hundred for the challenge by starting your own business. (The proceeds will go to Kiva)
As there are only 8 girls in my class of 40. So I am the only girl on my team with some real interesting characters. The most interesting of which is a guy named Wesly "Two-Eagles" Wright.
You can see his website here.
When he came into class today with what's called a "roach", (a mohawk looking thing made out of porcupine hairs,) I was pretty darn skeptical! But we have been talking a lot in my class about taking risks and answering when opportunity knocks even if its not what you thought it would be.
I told myself to be open minded and hear him out and you know what? We are gonna make an entrepreneur in a 3rd world country mighty happy!
This is serious! This guy makes Native Indian "goods" and sells them for top dollar cause they're bomb! Whodathunk?!?!?
He is just in school to get a degree but he is already extremely successful. I mean, this is what he loves!!! Can you imagine? Doing what you love and making over 100 grand for it?
I mean the guy cracks me up. He's eccentric to say the least! But what entrepreneur isn't? I have always found that when I take the time to get to know someone, no matter how off I think they are, people always surprise me. Everyone has something special! aaawwwwww!
So as weird as it sounds, I am going to learn how to make authentic Indian Roaches this summer.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

House ramblings

So Trent and I are moving! We have been living in this one bedroom apartment (which turned into a studio due to the lack of windows in the bedroom) on Main Street in Rexburg. It's super old and slightly ghetto but kind downtown chic, well, as chic as you can get in Rexburg, Idaho. It has wood floors and you can watch the summer parades from the windows. We loved living here! It was our little love nook, but I kinda wanna spread out!

So we found this little basement apartment that is HUGE! Well huge for us! It has white fake wood panel walls, carpet, a big bathroom, a big bedroom (with windows! yay!), a big kitchen, a washer & dryer (which is included in the rent!) AND A HUGE LIVING ROOM! They call it a 2 bedroom because the living room is so big, I think they just wanna charge more! It does smell like my Grandma Osborn and I think they may have even stolen her nasty 70's brown and orange floral couch and lacey curtains!

My favority feature is kind of weird; its the window in the bathroom. Not just in the bathroom in general, right above the shower! Which means if I don't close the blinds someone could see me in all my pasty glory BUT I absolutely love it when there is a window in the shower! I feel like I am showering outside and I just dream away! I love being outside and I can't stand when I am in a place where there aren't good windows, which is my main reason for choosing this place. I have to have sunlight! I have to be able to at least SEE the outside world if i can't be in it at the moment.

I will definitely post some pics of the new place, we move in next week!

How amazing would this be? To have a house that easily moves from indoors to outdoors w/ a great back yard? I love it when houses look like they are a part of nature and they incorporate nature into the plans and the lifestyles. Has anyone seen any houses like this lately?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

well well well

If it isn't my old nemesis.


Yup. Today was the first day back BUT Idaho has given me such a nice surprise the past few days.
It has been sooooo nice! Like 65 degrees plus! With hardly any wind! This is seriously so unheard of. We went longboarding a lot this past weekend and I remembered that yes Virginia, I do have ab muscles.

Here's the line up, Economy 111; Media Law & Ethics; Intro. Interior Design & Architecture; Intro. Public Relations & Entrepreneurship Skills.

I was going to do a Preforming Theatre Arts cluster until ohhhh you know...this morning! Then I had one of my infamous mind changes and decided to go with a cluster called "The Home". Sounds like a horror movie right? But I felt better about it and it includes home gardening, home & family management etc. All those things I'm terrible at! I really love acting and theatre but it just didn't feel right. Maybe my good friend Seve will still let me be in a play?!? hmmmmmn?!?!

Trent's schedule is pretty crazy too, I pretty much just don't worry about it because if I did I would go nuts for him. All his classes are like these super technical computer classes, no thank you! Poor guy has to take his final from last semesters programming class in order to stay in the next level class. His teacher is a diabolical nerd.

I am back in the Executive Office! I LOVE being up there! The people are just amazing and I get to work with some cool people! (Sam Im talking to you! You keep me sane!) As with any office there are some nutters but hey, maybe they think I'm the nutter.

Well, I already have an excessive amount of homework and am about to crack into the first redbull of the semester. (Yes I know they are absolutely terrible for you, but I'm cramping, tired, and I worked and went to school today and wont get dinner until 10, and I think Im trying to just convince myself? haha)


Thursday, April 8, 2010

music to live by

So Sasha was telling me about this great idea to put up records on her wall. She said her and her hubby chose 8 albums each that meant the most to them. I absolutely loved this idea so here are the albums that played the biggest part in my life.

1. Weezer - The Blue Album - This was my first album, given to me 
by a crush for my twelfth b day! It is my ultimate road trip album and "Say
it ain't so" is my fav song of all time. It reminds me to chill out and take
in the world around me, what good rock is, and of growing up.

2. Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream - I listened to this c.d. 
a lot after my first big break up in college. It's grunge! So of course
it's great to be depressed to. As odd as it sounds, it was sad with
me, so it became special. "Today" was a song that would make
me feel like the pain wouldn't last forever. Dramatic no?

3. Led Zeppelin (Self titled) - Oh this totally gets in touch with my 
inner hippie soul rocker! I love anything with a great guitar riff and a southern
blues feel. I always wished I could have been born in the 70's when great rock
was easy to find. I listened to it a lot when I got booted out of college, (I
didn't go to class, apparently thats not good?) I felt like a bum, bumming 
off my parents, but hey, I embraced it by listening to Led Zeppelin and 
pretending like I had no cares.

4. Jack's Mannequin - Everything in Transit - I listened to this 
on a road trip to California with some of my girls! It was seriously
one of the best trips I have EVER been on! We drove everywhere,
went surfing, stayed at our friends awesome house in Newport,
made time with a dreamy surfer guy...okay he was only hot 
because he surfed, but he had long hair dang it! annnd, it
makes me think of the ocean, I miss it so much! I literally
dream of the ocean.

5. Panic! At The Disco - Pretty Odd - This is mine and Trent's
album! It was the first album we could agree on. (He loves rap and
I...don't, haha) It has such a romantic feel to it and we would
just cruise around talking and making plans for the future and just
being kids in love! We had 3 songs from this album on our 
wedding playlist. Hehe, my Grandma wanted classical music.

6. Radiohead - In Rainbows -  One of the few albums I can
listen to all the way through! I listen to this album again and again
during finals week because somehow, it keeps me focused 
and happy. It also reminds me that I have this artsy side that
shouldn't be neglected.

7. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication - Oh dear,
my first rebellious album! My parents didn't approve, (maybe
it was the title?) but oh how I loved this album! I was 16
when I got into it, living in Tucson. I was in the middle
of those years when your brain just does wacko things!
 I had so much fun just dreaming, being outside in the hot 
sun, driving around with my boyfriend, just hanging around in
 the desert! The desert is so mysterious, I really was able to 
dream and just be a teenager and this album was
my constant companion.

8. Jimmy Eat World - Clarity - Oh man, Sophomore
year! I started getting into the whole music scene
in AZ, going to shows and discovering the "underground"
music. This album wasn't really underground but I
loved it! I would listen to it constantly on my 
WalkMan and wear my totally cool band shirts!
I may have been totally misguided about what
was cool and how cool I thought I was but at least
 this album was a redeeming factor!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Um, my name is Ikea?

So this weekend I went to Utah to see my awesome friend Sasha! She was my maid of honor and has always been exceptionally kind and wonderful to me! I always love shopping with her because she knows how to get a lot of great stuff for a great price. When I got there she was like, "wanna make a wreath?" haha do i? Yes. Yes I do! Organized/motivated people always amaze me! I will see something cool to make and say "yeah, that would be cool" but I never do it. This is why I need people like Sasha (and my sister Stacey!) in my life, otherwise my apartment would be boring and and my wardrobe would have nothing but ripped up jeans and skate shirts. Yeah, not a pretty picture!
I wish we would have taken pictures, but I didn't even think about it because we were doing stuff the whole time!!! We hit up TJ Maxx and IKEA and Urban Outfitters, Anthropology, Salty Peaks (for me!!), and ate wonderful food. Cheesecake Factory anyone?!? 
You may think it's odd that I ditched my hubby for the weekend, but the truth is, he's a werewolf so it was best that I got away during the cycle...
No but seriously, having friends is so important! As the little boy on "About a Boy" so wisely said, "You need back up!" Because as much as Trent and I love each other and love to be together, he does NOT want to spend a WHOLE day shopping and I don't want to play video games ALL day! It was especially nice to just get out of town. Rexburg is so small! It's a little bit suffocating! I love the feeling I get when I pass Idaho Falls and I know I'm going somewhere, ANYWHERE! I would have preferred Trent to be with me but he had to work. I am thankful I have a husband who wants me to be safe (duh!) but who is cool with me driving 4 hours to Utah for a girls weekend!
Anyway, so before I went down Trent told me he was cool with me spending a chunk of change because we hadn't in so long. I ended up buying home stuff and new wheels for my skateboard! (And the best black heels ever!) So this means I get to go shopping again for clothes right? ...right? And that means that I need my girls.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

You Won't

look like this after a tan at Panache.
Trust me! I know!
When Trent and I have a little extra cashola, this is where I go!
(It's not even kind of expensive, we're just poor!)
BUT, the giveaway this week is 5 FREE TANS and TANNING LOTION!

yeah, Brandilyn is awesome.