Thursday, March 29, 2012

What kind of bear is best? Wrong. Black Bear.

What do you do with your winnings at The Craze?

Get a lovely mustache of course.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Closet Space

Early in January I cleaned my closet. Big news, I know. But check out how good it looks!

I still want to get even better but this really helped. I followed the basic, "have I worn/used this in the past year?" rule and chucked everything that I hadn't. It was really hard because my inner pack rat was like, (insert Gollum voice,) "nooo you must saves the precious!" Just call me Frodo because I dominated that closet. 

I also threw away anything that looked super dingy that I couldn't fix up. A certain pair of blue heels got a fresh coat of navy blue nail polish on the heel part, to cover scuff marks, and my skirts got hemmed. I also organized between things I can wear to work/church and my chillaxin clothes. And I may have gone nuts and organized my work things by material...and color.... It was quite the ordeal but now it is beautiful.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ready Freddy

I'm catching up on some recent happenings and random things that I have been wanting to share. I swear I hibernate in the Winter, only when Spring pokes out its rosy cheeks do I think about being social again. But these next pics are taking us back to Christmas! I totally forgot about them but I thought they were funny.

I give you: The World's Most Awkward Christmas Card
(sent to my office)

If you know where I work then you know why this was especially awkward! But hey, congrats to the two crazy kids!  ....right?