Monday, August 17, 2009

catchin up

hah. 6 months later! It is now our one year anniversary. Well, it was yesterday. We camped out in our living room and stayed up til 5 watching The O.C.. We slept in, got a burger, and just chilllleeeddd! It was wonderful. There is nothing I would rather do than hang out with my baby!

Fun story, I finished my first semester back to school with straight A's! (a couple slightly crooked ones, but they were A's dang it!) I am soo happy that it went well. This means that I can continue to go to school here.

Also, I work in the Executive Office here at BYU-Idaho. I'm a student secretary and let me tell ya, this is the best job I have ever had! It's just office work but I work with amazing people. They are literally the best of the best. I learn so much every day. It's great to work in a place where everyone shares the same beliefs as you and you can talk freely about your religion. The Secretaries I work with are the nicest ladies ever and I have never heard a bad word about anyone from them. (Me in 10 years, right? hah, yeah right.)

Trent got a good job just downstairs from me in the Student Records and Registration office. He hasn't started yet but I'm super pumped for him. It's the greatest thing to be able to squeeze work and school all from 8-5. He did super well this semester too! So good he got us and extra 2 grand! woooooo! thank you government grants!

And finally, on an extremely sad note, summer in Idaho is almost over! AAAHHHHH!!!!! Idaho has the shortest summers ever and they are also not the warmest things ever. BUT, we love it. There is so much to do! We have had to get used to the 50 degree water that we bridge jump into, but after a little bit, it's not so bad. After you jump in, sit there for a minute, then pee, you're right as rain.

We took a bunch of pictures so they will be coming when I am not at I am right now...