Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Juliet's 2nd Birthday

Juliet has grown up so much! She has the cutest little personality and the cutest little sister, Cece. Amy threw a rainbow themed party and I love Juliet's little rainbow tutu. (P.S. I got to design the invite!)

Check out that 'tude!

Monday, February 27, 2012

I have always wanted to try this...

And then I did. (So did Amy, cause she's brave and can be talked into anything!)

Sunday, February 26, 2012


I went to California and it was SO awesome!!
Me and Amy stayed with some of her friends who were so nice to us!
We walked around Michael and Kelsey's town of Orange, went to Disneyland, hiked, went to the beach, met up with my brother, had a bonfire at the beach, skated around a park, rode my skateboard down a slide, and seriously enjoyed the gorgeous weather!

Not only do I love California and warm weather, I loved hanging out with Amy in some straight up seriously needed girl-time! AND I now can cross off number 9 on my resolutions list: Go to the Ocean! And even though I was the only one on the beach to go in the water, I didn't care! It was pretty cold but not Idaho cold so it's all good! I also got to meet my neice, Dahlia. She is just super cute and such a smart little baby. She was wary of me at first but then she warmed up when we played in the waves. She even let me hold her by the bonfire!

Are ya ready for pictures?!?


Trent and I aren't big fans of crowds, so going to a packed restaurant on Valentines Day isn't what we had in mind. On the other hand, we love going out to eat. Solution: Go to the Olive Garden the night before and then make a delicious, romantic dinner on the official night!

We made each other homemade cards, (like we do every year,) and made our favorite dinner; BRINNER!!!!!!

Breakfast for dinner! You have to have everything for a good brinner; pancakes, bacon, hashbrowns, juice, eggs, and if we're feelin extra meaty, sausage!

Trent also got me a bamboo plant and I got him a drawing kit. It was fun just to hang out and do little things for each other.

We've been playing lots of racketball lately!

My cards for Trent

Also on Trent's card

Trent's card for me

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Do you know what today is? According to Parks and Recreation's Leslie Knopp, it's Galentines Day!!

I think this should be a National Holiday! I think it is perfect on the day before Valentines day, the day of luuuvvv, you celebrate the girls in your life. The girls who let you cry on their shoulder when that one guy broke your heart, or in my case threw beanie babies at the closet door until you felt better. The girls who are anxiously aware of your well-being. The girls who haven't talked to you in months but know you're still best friends. The girls who would drop anything to help you. The girls who can crack you up until you pee a little.

Oh man, that was so cheesy! But it's true. So, Happy Galentines Day!!!