Monday, August 23, 2010

Foodie foodie foodie

So about 2 weeks ago the gang hit up Johnny Carino's! Our friend Chelse works there and we got major hooked up! Unfortunately Chelse was working really hard so she didn't get in the pictures, but I posted a lovely one at the end. This was also a going away shindig for our friend's Dan and Rachael. They moved to Ohio so Dan can be a tooth doctor and Rachael can be a fat doctor. Good luck guys!

I know I have been terrible!

I haven't posted in forever! The main reason is our cord for our camera is busted and we can't download pics. Well, the ones off of Trent's phone yes, but those ones are narley lookin! Not much been going on lately, just work and play!! Ill post more later fo' shizzle.

For now, we are trying our hand at selling some stuff!

Tell ur friendz.