Monday, November 21, 2011

10 Things...

1. Me = Highly unmotivated this semester. (Zero idea what I really want to do with my life career wise.)

2. I'm gonna apply for an online job this week, I swear.

3. I will shamelessly stuff my face on Thursday, & Friday. (Leftovers)

4. Me = Crazy baby hungry. Must hold all babies.

5. I want this job so I can get unnecessary things like Mac make-up, eyelash extensions and a tanning package.

6. Trent wants babies too, he just doesn't want me to go into labor during my final, finals.

7. I miss the sun, I miss the heat, I miss the ocean, I miss the desert, I miss palm trees, I miss weather over 50, I miss a sun warmed car, I miss flip flops, I miss no jackets.

8. My abs are pretty flat right now. Except for when I sit or wear clothes.

9. Been hustlin' all kinds of deals lately, free trim (hair) for me & Trent, cheap food, free toilet paper... you get creative in college.

10. Realized today that any man who is willing to get stuck in the arm with a capri-sun straw sized needle, twice a week, for three years, just for $50 bucks to pay for the basics, is a real man. And he loves me. (He gives plasma!)

Friday, November 4, 2011


As I've probably mentioned before, Trent can fall asleep anywhere.
Right now, after a long week, we are both lying on the floor in our office. Me watching my brainless but kinda awesome girly shows, (vampire diaries, gossip girl, etc) and Trent lying next to me snoring away!

If he lies down long enough this is what happens, and I have always been jealous of it! All we did was watch an episode of The Big Bang Theory and he was out! His snores give me the chills because they wake me up at night. I hear the deep breathing getting louder and louder and I start getting really anxious! I usually shake the bed or shove him a little and he stops. Sometimes it will kind of wake him up and he will give me one of his famous Trent Quotes.

Well, this was super random, but he's cute. The end.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Beth y Colton

Remember how I posted that I am available for graphic design work to expand my portfolio?

Well my cousin recently got married and gave me the opportunity to design her invites!

(And may I say that when I received them I was relieved to see she picked something good to print the design on?!? Not that I thought she wouldn't; Beth has impeccable taste!)