Wednesday, February 24, 2010

mani pedi combo

Oh Brandilyn, you are always doing such wonderful things.
This week Panache is giving away a manicure and a pedicure!

Monday, February 22, 2010

This is an invite I just made for my friend's shower. This is my first real attempt at designing anything outside of class so its i went real simple with this. Any suggestions? Seriously, I'm not just being nice I need feedback!

Hippie Gypsy Pirate Rocker..working girl?

Yes, I am not sure what my actual style is, but I love these!
These are some classier pieces that I have found
but I am not gonna lie,
give me some more skulls, anything shiny and massive
Captain Jack Sparrow rings, and I would be a happy woman!
Alas, I am trying to become more refined.
I think skulls would frighten people in the work place.
So I am on a quest to find a happy balance!
Any cute stuff you could suggest?

Friday, February 19, 2010


My hormones have arranged themselves in a decent manner and yes, I am sane once more! Trent and I worked out all this week, ate really well, I got some mousse that makes my hair feel like it used to before the mean lady took over half of it and I managed to get through the week with out weirding anyone out!

I'm pretty sure that amounts to a good week!

I am still missing the warmth and sun of Arizona but that's okay. Idaho ain't that bad. I just want to be warm! I miss the desert and the colors and the sunset and the way your lips tingle when you go outside because it's so warm. I miss the odd smell the cool air makes in the houses, the smell of the orange blossoms and how good Sonic tastes on a hot day.

*insert wistful sigh here*

BUT, this morning I woke up to the most beautiful sight! My side of the bed is right next to the window so when I stick my little feeties out of bed in the morning I am facing outside. It was still dark, (of course), when I woke up at 6, but when I looked out the window I saw the Rexburg Temple on the hill all lit up against the dark blue sky. We have the most perfect view of it and it really is the most beautiful sight in the morning!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

haven't posted in a while...

but I totally will for a chance to win some awesome stuff!

You can too!

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Good Morning Sunshine!

I woke up rather bummed out today because I realized I am not awesome at anything, I have become 10 times more awkward than I used to be because the only person I talk to often is Trent so I have can't relate to anyone else, I used to be in love with music of all kinds but where is the benefit of being a musical connoisseur if you aren't good at playing it, I can't do a lot of the things I used to because I am overweight, (not fat, overweight), my hair is ugly (it looks remarkably like the picture above, color and all), my apartment is dirty, it is freezing cold and I am locked up in this office until the sun goes down and will not see the sun today or the rest of the week.

Good morning.

but its pay day and I'm not dead. How morbid is that?!?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

das icht vanzen!

So our apartment is this weird olive green color that sometimes looks slightly purple and sometimes looks more tan... but I have really been wanting to put up some curtains but I have no idea what would go! I really like these from Urban Outfitters, but who knows! It looks really dark in there and there isn't much color due to my love for dark browns and light tans so it needs something light and colorful! Any ideas?

Rexburg has feelings too...

My husband and I live in the incredibly small town of Rexburg, Idaho. It's 30 minutes north of Idaho falls and about 45 minutes south of Grand Targhee Resort. It is crazy cold, windy, backwoods, hick, and did I mention cold?
Alas, we are stuck here until Fall 2011 when we graduate. Rexburg is a strange twist between a total hick town and a college town so you really see all sorts of people here. Many people open up little businesses. Most businesses don't make it for more than a year, but some do! Here is one of my favorites, The Cocoa Bean!

It's located on College Avenue across the street from Porter's Crafts and they have the most amazing, yummy and cutest cupcakes ever! They also just opened a new store in Provo.

1774 North University Parkway
{Brigham's Landing}
Provo, Utah

They have Mormon style Frappucinos! And I highly recommend the "Better than Whatever" cupcake! (aka, better than sex cake style!)