Monday, May 24, 2010


I want this real bad...

Maybe Posh can slap a little fashion into me...wish the pic wasnt so scandalous but hey, its a great book!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Heavenly Father says, "what's that Kenz? You're worried about not feeding you and your hubby cause you don't have time to go to the store and you're poor? Here you go. Free food EVERYWHERE!"

So this morning in my class we had presentations. One group said, "we need someone brave, who is hungry." I said THATS ME!

He got out a McDonalds bag and pulled out 2 hashbrowns and 4 sausage mcmuffins.
Thank GOODNESS I only had to eat 1 hashbrown and 2 sausage mcmuffins because they had me
 race this other kid. This kid happens to be a creeper who Trent might have to punch fairly soon. So I figured, this is a sweet deal!

I get free food, (even though its covered in butter) and I get to shame this kid into stop creepin on me!


I don't know if this is a good thing that I easily put away all this food. But I can tell you, this creeper has an EGO, which I squashed.

Heartless? Maybe. But really?!? Who hits on married women?!?

Anyway. Moral of the story. Heavenly Father will always provide you with the things you need.

....and squash creepy egos.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Current Events

this is only 1/4th of the magnificent parking where we practice sliding!

1. Still trying to diet. I am seriously addicted. I went for 2 days without caffiene and I started having withdrawels. Same with fast food. I NEED AN INTERVENTION!!!
2. Trent and I moved into our new place! It is huge! (to us!) The huge living room is inspiring me to make my own furniture curteousy of Knock-Off Wood but have zero time. There are always saturdays though...
3. Speaking of said living room. It is currently so big and empty Trent and I get creeped out by it, so we nervously skirt through it never lingering there.
4. If I ever meet my online Media Law teacher, I will look at her with my saddest face and ask, "why?"
5. No sleep. My body has forgotten how to deal with this.
6. B-day in a month! Trent says he is making something that I will use forever and that our chillins might use too! No idea what it is though.
7. Went to U of U to board last weekend with some good friends. I had a pretty bad back BUT it was so AWESOME I couldn't just sit there! Imagine having North Temple St. all to yourself at 3 a.m. cruizing the streets! AND riding on dirt trails and drifting corners through a college campus!
8. My chiropractor is mad at me for the above.
9. I miss my siblings, they make me laugh!
10. I want a baby! But that is more of a constant event than a current one.
11. Forgot P. Clark's car keys in my pocket the other day. Made him late to a meeting with some VIP's. Whoops. (He forgave me)
12. Trying my hand at saving money. It's hard to even type that.
13. Like Jules I want a new longboard. I just don't know which one yet!
14. Realized I need to watch what I say more instead of just letting myself run wild. It's funny, but only to me.
15. Need to do my HW.

Buenas Noches Mis Amigas