Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My First Job

Hehee, so as I was writing my last post, I thought it might be fun to tell you about my first job.

My parents moved to Laramie, WY right before my thirteenth birthday. We only lived there for a summer, but boy howdy did I learn how to be a cowgirl...hahaaaahaha

A lady in our ward ran a candy shop and she often employed the young girls in our ward to work there a few days a week. For under minimum wage of course. This particular candy shop was located at the Wyoming Territorial Prison Museum.

Now, this museum has been turned into kind of an old west town. We all had to dress up and taalk liiike thiiuuss. I wore something similar to this little get up. (How I wish there were pictures!)

Every morning I had to open the store, clean everything, stock everything, and make coffee. For me being a little Mormon girl I was simply aghast that I would have to make coffee!! But my parents assured me that eternal damnation would only happen if I actually drank the stuff.

I was in heaven. My first check was a whole $70 (from 3 weeks work), I got free root-beer floats everyday, (my fav,) and all the cute cowboys would come talk to me. (I didn't realize it was because I still looked like an adorable little child, not because I was hot stuff like I thought.)

Here's a picture of the prison part. There were carriage rides that went all around the park.

Also, fun fact, Butch Cassidy spent a year there. Cause he's a rapscallion.

I had to put Paul Newman up because the real Butch is hideous.

Anyway, it was great. I learned how to be a cowgirl that summer, even spent a lot of time on our friends ranch riding horses, 4 wheelers, smoothing roads, driving big trucks, helping dogs give birth to puppies, shooting stuff, etc.

Well sir, it all came to a screeching halt. I caught another girl I worked with stealing from the till, so me being honest, I totally turned her tooshie in. When the cops came to get a statement, I was crying the whole time because I thought she was going to come kill me. (She was in a gang, and also not part of our church ward.) Also, we moved to Arizona.

The end.

Color - rad - o

So we may or may not be moving to Colorado for the winter. Trent has some potential internship opportunities there and you know, thats like, responsible to do? If we get them and we can afford to be there I think we'll go. I would just work while we are there and try and save up some mula, buuuuuttttttt I HAD MY HEART SET ON DOING NOTHING THIS WINTER!!! haha, well besides studying for the LSAT and working out. I literally haven't not worked since I was thirteen. I had a few months here or there where I didn't work but that's it. 
It would be nice to be close to Trent's fam, get to know them even better, snowboard, eat granola, grow out my armpit hair and whatever else they do there.
Alas, at 23 I suppose it is time to be responsible.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Recent Pix

I have been trying to take more pictures lately, I hate pictures of myself but I think other people look amazing in pictures! I somehow look like there is something wrong with my brain and am 200 lbs. Now I ain't lookin for anyone to make me feel better cause there is a lifetime of pictures for evidence and I'm okay with it. I figure you just need a really fast camera to take a bajillion pictures in 1 second and somewhere in there you'll get a great picture. But I digress.
 New Shoes!
 Chelse on a mary-go-round. A perfect example of photogenic-ness!
 Creepy statue in the BYU-I Gardens
 Shy Trent!
 He was a skater boy!
 Almost ran this little guy over!
 Megan! She is in a lot of my classes and I would die without her!
This little guy is Carter! He is our friend's baby and sooooo squishably cute!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Im a model.

So about a year ago I was asked to be in some pictures for the school! I didnt hear anything about it so I didnt think they used it for anything. A lady I used to work with in IT brought this up and showed it to me the other day! At least 20 people have seen my work as a model. Im pretty much famous!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


This is on Forever 21's website and it would go perfectly with my knee high moccasins! Any ideas on how to make it modest and not weird looking?