Thursday, March 17, 2011

I feel gorgeous today.

Me feelin' purty.
 Seriously! No sarcasm, I feel really truly beautiful today. Your husband or your friends can tell you how pretty you are all the time, but it's not often you truly feel it. I was just unpacking some stuff in the kitchen, listening to some Zeppelin and Band of Horses and I just took this deep breath in and felt so good about myself.
I love this picture! Imagine sitting on a boat on your way to an exotic island and just take a deep breath.
 I know as women we usually feel ugly or we have days where we just feel fat. How often do we feel pretty? Not just pretty, but GORGEOUS?!? And how often do we realize it? It's not very often that this happens so I thought I would document it. 

Today my hair looks great. My skin has cleared up since the last visit from Aunt Flo. I am still tan from my tanning marathon a few weeks ago. I have kept some weight off. I have cute toes. My eyes didn't look tired today. My lips weren't chapped. 

Do you have days where you feel beautiful? You should cause you ARE!

p.s. that whole blog/private this isn't happening until I can wrap my head around this whole unpacking situation!

Monday, March 14, 2011


I swear, it is my lot in life to move once a year. Ever since I was 12 I have changed living quarters every year-year and half. I haven't minded as it has always taken me to the places I have needed to be at certain points in my life but packing never gets any funner. AND FUNNER IS A WORD!!! 

So Monday night we go to our friend's place for FHE. We are all just chattin, shakin our booties on the Wii, the usual, and one of our buddies who lives a few houses down from us starts talking about how crazy it is that Hemming Properties is demolishing our houses.....


April 15th they are tearing doing our house to make way for some, "gaudy monstrosity". So we scrambled this week looking for somewhere new and we found a place in a large complex called, "Stonebrooke". For the first time we will have ALL the essentials: Washer/Dryer IN the apartment, a second bedroom, internet, pest control, windows in every room, a bathroom we can both be in without touching, a dishwasher, a closet that is so big I can stretch out my arms all the way out in it, a hot tub and a work out room in the complex. 

You know, everything you need to survive.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Church Goin

So Miss Tyra needs to give me some posing tips! I have always felt sooooo awkward in photos! But I really wanted to show this skirt I got at PacSun for 5 bucks! I love it and it's stretchy! I picked up a $10 pair of jeggings as well but lemme tell ya, you REALLY have to be willing to dig in those sales racks and throw some 'bows if necessary. I also thought I should post some 10 pounds down pictures AND for the first time ever, a picture of me with NO make-up on AHHHH!!! don't show your children! they'll have nightmares for weeks!

Side story: When I was working at a gas station in town with my friend Erika our "older" co-worker came in, (older as in she remembers both floods, the Teton Dam Flood and Noah's). She dyes her short, thin, permed hair, pitch black. It was windy that day and when she walked in her hair was in a big thin puff ball all over her head, like lightning had struck her hip pin. She didn't look at us at first so we both said, "Hey _____, how are you?" When she turned around both of our pupils almost dilated out of our skulls and gasped a little.
Her eyes were blood red from the wind, her skin was sallow and her cheeks sunken in. Add her skeletal figure, her electric hair and that crazy look in her eyes and you have something like this.
Haunting, no?
This is the reason I usually wear make-up er'day. You never know when you might get that crazy look in your eye and I'm pretty sure make-up tones down the crazy.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Don't Want No Peepin' Tommy's!

Well sir, this is it. No longer can someone from Croatia stalk my blog. I might have a really creepy fan, you never know! But seriously. I wanted to post some pics of my friends kids from their b-day parties and when I asked their permission one of them said, "Sure, why not its private." Well I checked and it's not! I don't plan on becoming an international blogging phenomenon, (too late, I know,) but I would really like to have the comfort of posting a picture of my house without thinking, "huh, it would be so easy for someone to find out where I live." Not that it would be hard for your more determined stalkers, but why help them out you know? Plus eventually I would like to post pictures of my kids and I don't want just anyone lookin around. I'm not sure how it works after the privitization, but we shall figure it out. So, please follow this bloggy if you would like to keep reading! And in return I will post something really thought provoking. 

*Let's say this happens next Wednesday? Providing I can get to the school to borrow some internet. hehe. 

*****This just in, you have to post a comment on this blog with your email, or send your information to me via my email ---- I LOVE YOU ALL!