Monday, September 19, 2011


Trent and I are exactly 9 months apart...which if you do the math...(we did, it was unpleasant to think about but it had to be done) means that I was conceived either the day or day after he was born. I like to think that we were up in heaven and Heavenly Father was like, "Well, Trent's there now, Kenzie better get goin!" and then I came barreling down like a fighter jet. 

My B-day was exactly what I wanted. Some time for just me and Trent, decorations all over the house, presents, and a birthday longboarding session.

Trent's was exactly what he wanted too! No party, because he doesn't like being the center of attention, plenty of me and him time, tea, potstickers, the mall, and Red Robin. He just wanted a day to hang out with me! (I know.. I am the best present.)

So here's some pics from our respective birthdays.

one footed race!

Trentyloo LOVES spicy things!

Bubble tea! It's big tapioca thingys.

One of the romance novels we found in the thrift store. We bought a whole bunch and put them on the nightstand for our guests.... hahahahaha!