Monday, July 19, 2010

It's almost time...

It's finals week. Above is my interpretation of t-diddy and I taking on finals. We've been studyin real hard but I think this will be my first semester back that I don't get straight A's.


I know. I have succumbed to the "as long as I pass attitude"! And guess what? It is a great place to be!

In other news, I am SOOOO excited for the 7 week break! I am getting of work at 2 everyday so we can play and work on projects. The first order of business will be to finally change my name! I haven't yet because of financial aid, but there is a nice little window of time that I can finally become Mrs. Hampton. Yes, it sounds so regal I know. After 2 years!!

Which reminds me, our 2 year anniversary is August 16th, and we have no idea what to do. Any suggestions? Our first one didn't go so well. In fact, our first everything doesn't usually go very well and it's usually pretty funny. Our first kiss was way awkward, but we totally laughed about it. Our first Valentines was hilarious and slightly disastrous. And on our first anniversary we almost got in a fight with some youths.

hg dfthdjhgghjhammmunnnummmmmyummm
my co-worker just gave me a donut. anyway.

I am exceedingly pumped to swim all the time, make stuff, work on our business, and GO SEE MY SISTER!!!!!! eeheheh! Seriously, I am so pumped to fly out to Tennessee and visit her and her awesome little boys. Oh and the JareBare of course. (As long as he's not grumpy bear or stinky bear. hehehe)

The end.