Monday, June 28, 2010

The many faces of Trent Hampton

Trent says he only reads my post when they have him in them, well sir...

1. Trent w/ Ronnie.
2. Trent asleep under a chair at Grand Targhee.
3. Trent sad cause no one came to his party.
4. Trent ready to go see Rodney Atkins in his Sunday best.
5. Trent awake at Grand Targhee
6. Trent showing off how rich he is, (I married him for his money).
7. Trent is wondering where all the hotties went after his mission
& last but certainly not least...
8. Trent partying with some Swed's on his mission

He makes me laugh er' day.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Christmas in July?

In preparation for fall?!?

I wish!

But right now it is SUMMER! kind of. In Rexburg it doesn't officially hit til like mid-july.

But we're holding up real well. I'm not doing as well in school as usual, but not terribly either.

Trent stays up til all hours of the night programming. One day he will write a program that will make us rich! And take over the WORLD! maaawaahhahahhaha!

I am sick and Trent had to sleep on the couch cause I kept sniffing and coughing, first time in our marriage that he slept on the couch!

Trent's hair is thick and lucious now. I like playing with it!

My hair is a terrible shade of brown. Yes, brown. I said to the girl, "I want it close to my natural color, plus highlights, just match the roots and I want it lighter than my hair right now."
The girl literally said "oops" when she saw what she had done. Yeah, not what I asked for. It is even a little bit orange. With some silver highlights to match.

Got a box to fix the above problem! In Idaho, box color is literally better than the salons!

Fit into a size 7 pair of jeans. Yes, they were boyfriend jeans and give me a little bit of dunlop's disease, (where your belly, dun' lops over your belt) and they don't fit like boyfriend jeans, BUT I FIT IN THEM DANG IT AND THEY LOOK GOOD! ahaaaahha

Our friends Dan and Rachael left us some gummy worms. At least, we think it was them, we dont know anyone else who gets gummy worms in a plastic bag from Winco. If they are not from them, maybe that's why I'm sick? A homeless man left them there?

Got so baby hungry I sobbed.

Got so hungry I ate an old granola bar. I dont like granola bars!

So pretty much we're just pluggin right now. Just gettin through but at least we're doing it!

oh and I beat Plant's vs. Zombies on Trent's iPhone. When did I have time you ask? Well apparently when my mind is so active that I can't fall asleep at night, killing zombies really soothes me.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Its my birthday present to me!

One big hug to whoever can name that movie!

Well I am officially 23 and I don't feel a day over 17! On the inside! Could this be the reason I don't have a baby yet? Probably. That and school. But that's okay! My body doesnt feel 17 though, its like an old woman. Everyday I wake up and Im like, Trent! The pain in my leg is gone....oh wait its in my shoulder! Maybe if I get this bike, it'll all be okay....

and this basket for a small puppy or produce...not hair and fruit dont mix!
and when I have babies and want more produce and more...babies....Ill get this.

I like this company's slogan, "A very nice bycicle shop".

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

I have been loving this song lately! I wanna drive to AZ with it playin..desert wind, Arizona sunset, boyfriend jeans, aviators, white t-shirt, sandles, jones soda, pumpkin seeds, heat. Yep that sounds real nice. Plus I love how it says, "Home is wherever I'm with you." I moved around so much growing up I didn't feel like I had a home til I met Trent. Now I'm never with out one! Wherever he is, that es mi casa.

Memorial Day Weekend

Man, I feel like there's no point in posting cause I don't have any pictures! Well, I shall tell you. Trent's parents came up and we went down to Pocatello to see his Grammy! She's an awesome lady, really progressive for her time. She wasn't feelin so hot but Trent and his Dad did man stuff in the backyard while Mama Hampton and I went everywhere looking for flowers! They put flowers on the graves of their deceased family members every Memorial Day which I think is awesome. We found some really good ones for really cheap and Grandma Zelma was worried that we didn't spend enough and her husband would think she was cheap!
The next day we saw Prince of Persia which wasn't bad and I was sitting there staring jealously at the main girl's amazing flat stomache. Hate her.

We also went to the Snake Bite Grill in Idaho Falls which is amazing!!!!!! I highly recommend it. You know how burgers are usually greasy? Nope. Not here. Everything is SO fresh and delicious! I found this pic on the internet and it is seriously as good as it looks.
That night we just went home and chilled, sometimes we forget to stop playing around and take time just to do nothing with each other! I stayed up and did laundry and Trent fell asleep of course! He tried, he just has this amazing ability to fall asleep anywhere and I mean anywhere!
Hah, then Sunday we woke up at starts at 1.....we didn't go....hehehehee
But we did wake up in time to go camping at 6 with some friends!
We went to Targhee! Which, if you don't know, is the best mountain known to man. It was real cold that night but I had a wonderful sleeping bag, Trent's only was good to 45 degrees so he was cold, but thank goodness for that special talent! Our good friends Andelin and Ben were in the tent next to us. Andelin thought there was a bear because she heard my restless rustling and Trent's snoring combined.
The next day we longboarding Targhee! I only went down once, it's a pretty intense ride and pretty long, my poor back was screaming after that one so I took it easy. Trent was going pretty hard core and ate it! He has been juicin through his shirts because he has road rash all over his belly and elbow. Gross. I know. But poor guy can't even bend right now! Now between my bad back and his bad everything if something drops on the floor we just stare at it for a while until I get my shoe off, grab it with my monkey toes and pass it to him. This requires little to no bending on either of our parts! That's teamwork right there.
So now, back to school. Mid-terms this week! Wish us luck!

p.s. I stole this pic off a friend's blog. We are new friends so it may be a little creepy that I got this pic cause she doesn't know I found her blog....hahahaa, but hey, we all skate together. It's cool. This is from our friend Ryley's mustache party. And this is pretty much the whole skate crew minus Seve and Jules...and Andelin and Ben...and Trevor and Jill......