Wednesday, February 18, 2009

life..or something like it...

Trent and I just had our 6 month anniversary! We celebrated on Valentines day since it was a Saturday. We went to Applebee's because we always go wherever Mama Hampton sends us a gift card too! Plus Applebee's is delectable. After that we went bowling for the first time together! Its weird that after a year and a half of being together we had never gone bowling. We learned that we both kinda suck at it! Supposedly Trent bowled a 250 once in Germany and if that is true I think it was divine intervention to get people to talk to the missionaries! One of our games we both bowled like a 64! paha. I even took a bowling class in high school! Then we came home and baked. Love. We baked love. paaaahaa! Dont act like you're shocked. hehe. So I started working at a gas station called Horkley's recently. Its pretty sweet! Some of the people are...interesting.. but you gotta love them! I will forever be thankful to Erika for hookin it up! We were so scared when I got laid off because there were literally NO jobs in Rexburg. It will be a great job especially if I get into school! Still waiting on that front. I got my suspension removed but apparantly I have to be accepted again. Dang hoops! But it sure is worth it! Annyywaaayy. We are currently quite jealous of Steve and Jenny and their island lifestyle! Rexburg is still butt cold! We cannot WAIT for summer! We are planning on being as active and outdoors as much as possible. This means we have been spending more time than usual at the gym to work off the "we got married and didn't do anything for 6 months fat". Its going fairly well...except that he works at the backyard and gets the most delicious bugers known to man for fffrrrrreeeeeeee! So if anyone has any healthy eating suggestions or good recipes please let me know! Sasha I want Japanese yumminess recipes! Or if anyone has good work outs that have helped them a lot, lemme know!