Saturday, January 28, 2012

Story Time - Trent's Worst Kiss Ever

Yesterday I was teasing Trent about his worst kiss and I thought I would share it with you! My worst kiss featured an almost midget boy kissing me in a most passionate way, his features an *ahem* large nosed, vivacious girl doing the same to him.

He swears she kissed him, and I totally believe him...except...he didn't really stop her...hehehehe

So Trent was playing pool with this girl he considered a "friend" and in true Trent manner he says he was just chillin in the corner waiting for his turn. Then, she turned to look at him, fire burning in her Latina eyes. She started walking towards him, swishing her hips with every step. Trent didn't know what to do. Being the entirely unassuming man he is, he just thought she was coming on over to say what's up.

This girl pushed him against the wall and looked deep into his squinty eyes, then moved in quickly before Trent "had a chance to move". Her rather large nose hit Trent before anything else, (which he says was very disconcerting,) then...she stuck her tongue in his mouth.

This was on the last day of the semester so I think she just thought after a semester of pining over Trent she should be a modern woman and take matters into her own hands! I also have it on good authority that Trent's girl friend's, (who are now my good friends,) may have egged this girl on! mwahaha!

Poor Trent, he is just too cute for his own good.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


So I had this whole thing designed for my New Year's Resolutions. There was like this 1950's banner with the quote, "You pile up enough tomorrows, and you'll find you are left with nothing but a lot of empty yesterdays..." with classic numbering and all.

Well I accidentally quit out of it without saving and decided that since it is mid-January it wouldn't matter how they looked but that I should just get going on them.

Anyway, New Year's Resolutions!!

1. Get preggers
2. Get Trent into grad school
3. Build up a design business
4. Build a website for the business
5. Graduate...maybe law school...I'm sick of school...
6. Move out of Idaho, (anywhere south of the Idaho/Utah border)
7. Go on a sweet trip out of the country with Trent
8. Lose 40 pounds/Be healthy
9. Go to the ocean
10. Follow the Dave Ramsey plan

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A New Blog For You To Read...

And it's written by my main man! I honestly never though Trent would have a blog, but I am so happy he does. It's all about tea! He brews a cup at least everyday and watches documentaries on it. How cool would it be to start a tea shop together?!? (next to our skate shop...)