Friday, February 25, 2011

My Little Cactus

I kill plants. Not for fun of course but I really can't keep plants alive. One time Trent bought me a beautiful, expensive, Orchid. I thought it was a good idea to put it outside in our stairwell froze..... I watered it too much and the whole bottom turned into a block of ice. I also tried to grow parsley and carrots. I dunno why, it just seemed like a good idea. So enter my little cactus. I have had a couple in my time, but they last a heck of a lot longer than other plants! They are low maintenance which is good because I'm not good at maintaining children are doomed.....

Monday, February 21, 2011

My first go at a button.

I think it needs to be bigger but eh! I have reached the point where I worked on it so long I just don't care no more. Know what I mean?

Living In Stylie: Hatari!

One of my favorite sites, Design Sponge, always does a segment called, "Living In". They take a movie that they love and post modern pieces that reflect the various styles in that movie. So I decided I would take a shot at it.

My husband always talks about how I was a weird kid. I say I was just an old woman in a child's body. I loved old movies on AMC, anything with Gene Kelly or especially The Duke. (Okay so maybe more like an old mad than an old woman.) Hatari! is like 5 hours long and is STILL one of my favorite movies. I definitely feel like a lot of the clothes and interior design from this period are coming back and I love it!

The movie is about a group who capture animals in the wilderness of Africa, (humanely of course,) to send to zoo's around the world. Everyone has their own special skills and are from all different parts of the world. And of course, it's about love! AND PLUS THERES A LODGE THERE NOW THAT YOU CAN VISIT!!! ahhhh!

I think what I love most about the movie was how the way they live flows easily from indoors to outdoors. Everything is so open and they use outdoor furniture inside! And yes, I thought about that as a little girl. I have always wanted and indoor/outdoor house! But without bugs.

Halycon Classic Goggles: Bolsey C22 Camera: African Blesbuck Horns: Recycled Glass Lamp: Schwinn Bike: Leather Camera Case: Gap Vintage Leather Belt: Gap Skinny Cargo: Tan Pants: Safari Shirt: Vintage Binoculars: Sweet Bed: Pier One Swinging Chair: Pier One Floor Screen: Vintage Buckets:

Thursday, February 17, 2011

On occasion, I feel creative.

I am surrounded by artsy people and I love it. Because I am so feeeeeely I only do creative/artsy stuff when the mood strikes me. Lately I have been seeing Jule's sketches, Chelse's paintings and Trent's drawings so the mood was bound to strike me sooner or later. For some reason I decided to draw some possible future prints for and maybe possible etsy shop for Valentines day. I ended up hating everything cause I'm my own worst critic but check out the effort!

Hehe, best dwarf ever. Trent looked at it and tried to be supportive and then bursted out laughing.
I do like the middle one! Perhaps another mood will strike me soon!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It was gorgeous today.

Went shopping with the girls and it was like 40 degrees. It made me feel like summer is coming! I went tanning and got my dose of vitamin d and wore my old Billabong fedora. Sure these pictures are old but they got soul.