Thursday, May 3, 2012

Das Wassup

Trent and I have a little bit of a crazy life right now! I am taking a homework break and figured, "hey, why not check out that ol' blog of mine?" It was weird, I wanted to. 
This semester is all about trying to get sleep, while staying on top of things, whilst trying to not look homeless everyday. It's also all about trying to not cry everyday because Trent and I don't get to see each other very much. We've never had to be apart very much and now we're total wimps about it. I also have been volunteering in the laundry room at the temple once a week and you know what I discovered? You can feel the Spirit while folding towels.
Yesterday, while at work I heard someone mention, graduation... I GOT SO EXCITED! I felt butterfly's! Just 3 short months and we're there! We have no idea where we're going after or what we're doing, but the important thing is, we will have our dang degree's! 
I feel like I'm doing some cool things this semester. I have always tried to take classes that are interesting or teach me to do something I don't know how to do. (Hence gardening, sewing cooking, etc...) I've never been good at taking photo's so this semester I'm taking digital imaging. I am learning so many cool things about Photoshop and how to take a better picture. Here are some recent photos...


Amy McFarlane said...

my baby is sooooo cute! and we miss your face! you can stop by any time or we should make a plan to hang out :)

Jules said...

I've been meaning to say that I really dig your photo blog. And that picture of Trent! HA! Trentyloo, cracks me up.

Stacey H said...

:) I just have to say I love what you said about towels! Its kinda funny to me but I swear, I've had several spiritual experiences while doing mundane household chores when its silent. Sounds like a formula to me! And I can honestly say one my my most powerful experiences ever was also folding towels! Love you, Sis!