Tuesday, April 3, 2012



It was kinda funny, she called me and I had to call her back, so when she answered she said, "Hey Kenz" in a strained voice. She was in the middle of a contraction. I thought it was hilarious that she answered, so I asked if she wanted to call me back later. She said, "well I love you and I wanted to talke to you!" Then she had a baby. (Not with me on the line..hehe) So after 4 boys she finally had her little Eva Jane Haslam. And she is gorgeous.

Speaking of sisters, Trent and I went to Boise last weekend to see my oldest sister, Cristi! I hadn't seen her family in a while and the kids had grown like crazy! Not to mention Cristi went gluten free and looks absolutely amazing now. Anyway, last time we saw them, her daughter Hannah fell in love with Trent. We thought after a couple years it would have subsided, but NOPE! Here are some great Hannah quotes from the trip.
"My Trenty-bear"

"You married the right guy, he is just so snuggly!!"

"Trent, will you hold me?"
"He is just like a teddy bear!"

"He is just so snuggly I'm gonna die!"

(After Trent picked and gave her a flower) "SNIFF...**sigh**"

James! Amazing big brother...

Little Miss Leah

The Lovebirds

Sick/Snuggly Leah

Funny Rachel!

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Stacey H said...

hahaha I haven't checked your blog in a while. Love that you documented that moment. Like I'm not gonna take your call!!

Love the pics of the kids! I think Rachel may resemble Aunt Stacey a wee bit...